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====== antergos-customcfg ====== Generates grub boot menu entries into file **/boot/grub/custom.cfg** in Antergos and other supported operating systems. Recognizes also other operating system installations, such as Arch, Antergos, Manjaro, LinuxMint and Windows. Generated custom.cfg is very similar to ///boot/grub/grub.cfg//, but may be helpful if an entry in current grub.cfg is unable to boot, so it can be seen also as a helpful addition to grub.cfg. Note that this project has just started and is not extensively tested, so there may be bugs lying around. Try command 'antergos-customcfg –help' for more info about options and usage. ===== Caveats ===== * Tested only with the following filesystems: ext4, ext2, vfat, ntfs. Currently other filesystems are simply ignored. * Tested only with Arch, Antergos, Manjaro, and LinuxMint. May still work (partially) on other systems. * Generation basically works with the latest Windows systems, but they are not extensively tested. ==== Usage: ==== /bin/antergos-customcfg [options] \\ **Options:** \\ –out=Changes the output filename. Default filename is /boot/grub/custom.cfg.\\ Note that the reserved filenames '1' and 'stdout' mean standard output.\\ Be aware that the given file will be deleted in the beginning. \\ –extras-isofile Generate an entry to boot from the given full path to an Antergos ISO file.\\ Example: –extras-isofile=/ISO/antergos-18.3-x86_64.iso \\ –verbose=X Amount of info while generating, X: 0=less(default) 1=more. \\ –debug=X Debug output, X: 0=disable(default) 1=enable. \\ –genprefer=X How partitions are shown in menuentries.\\ X: uuid(default), label, device, file(in Windows).\\ The label is used only if it exists. \\ –help | -h This help. **Source Code: ** [[|]] [[:Rescue your personal data from a killed installation|]]

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